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Every pupil is different, therefore I like to tailor my lessons to suit whoever I am teaching at the time. I believe my job is to work with each individual to help maximise their full musical potential.


I work with pupils using a variety of methods to help them to develop their musical skills and abilities, whether it be learning pieces that they choose to play, or preparing for exams or concert performances. I try to be open to different strategies and approaches and for young children I find that using a variety of activities can help: flashcards, singing and clapping, drawing on the whiteboard, worksheets and various musical games can really help to develop a good foundation of musical understanding as well as providing variety to the lessons.

For those working towards exams, I incorporate scales, sight-reading, aural training and theory as a part of regular weekly lessons. I also aim to include these elements for those students who have chosen to not take exams, as a way of developing a deeper musical understanding of the pieces they choose to play.

Usually most pupils, especially children, benefit from coming to lessons on a weekly basis, although some pupils, particularly adults, may feel that fortnightly lessons are more appropriate due to various other commitments.

(I hold a current DBS enhanced certificate)

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