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"Andrea has been teaching my daughter to play piano in weekly lessons for about 3 years. In that time she has progressed from an absolute beginner with lots of enthusiasm to recently passing her Grade 8 exam with a distinction! Along the way she has perfected some wonderful pieces by Ravel, Debussy,  Bach and others.  And she has just been offered a place ay Cambridge University to study Music. 
Andrea is patient and encouraging and my daughter always enjoys the lessons. Thank you Andrea."   Paul

"My son always enjoys his piano lessons with Andrea and she has helped him to develop his skills and knowledge with a thorough, step by step approach. We love hearing him play and we know he's developing a valuable ability he'll be able to take with him into his future. When his school introduced Ukulele lessons, he was able to transfer his understanding of music and pick it up easily, which was really satisfying for him. I'd recommend Andrea to anyone as she's really friendly and a great musician as well as being a teacher - we went to see her orchestra perform which was inspiring and enjoyable for us all!"   Hilary

"Our girls have recently started piano lessons with Andrea. Though they were sad to say goodbye to their previous teacher, they found the transition very easy and are always looking forward to their piano lessons with Andrea. Her calm, professional manner gives them confidence and enthusiasm, and makes
it easy for them to develop their abilities. We find Andrea's feedback  focused and tailored to each child's needs, which makes it easier to understand and guide further progress. Andrea is lovely and flexible and we are grateful for the time she dedicates to our children."   Lia

"My daughter loves her piano lessons with Andrea. Andrea’s fun, patient and calm approach has really helped to build my daughter’s confidence and understanding. We feel very lucky to have found such a  dedicated piano teacher."   Gayle

"Andrea has been teaching my daughter the piano for over three years.  She is such a good teacher that I decided to take up the piano too!  I really enjoy my lessons as does my daughter.  Andrea is always supportive and encourages us.  She is patient and kind. I can not recommend her enough."    Chania

"Andrea has been teaching both of my daughters (age 7 and 10) over the last few years. She is patient and encouraging and has a very good approach to teaching young children. My eldest daughter has done very well in her exams so far and both girls are very happy to go to their piano lessons every week."   Susannah

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